Terms of Service


If you have any complaint whatsoever, our Customer Services team is available to resolve any issue you may have and you can make a complaint by contacting them at info@botzbike.com.

We try to resolve complaints within 7 days but where we need to conduct a more detailed investigation, it may take a little longer. However, we’ll always keep you updated with what’s going on.

We aim to take a fair and reasonable approach to all complaints but if you are unhappy with either our decision or service at any point, please let us know.


From February 15, 2016, by specific EU-regulation, disputes on online shopping across the EU can be resolved through the ODR platform for online consumer dispute resolution. Online consumer dispute resolution platforms can be accessed by the buyer via the link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN

This means that in connection with online purchases within the EU (defective product, issues regarding refund, etc.) you can file your complaint in the above link in a quicker and easier way and the complaint can be filed in any of the 23 official EU languages.

ALFA TEH GmbH provides a webshop service on a website www.botzbike.com. The service can be used worldwide and consists of providing information services, content management, conducting financial transactions, selling goods/products or services between you as a user of the webshop (hereinafter regarded as “Buyer”) and us as Seller, and arranging the delivery of the items of sale.

You as Buyer accept these Terms and Conditions electronically when confirming your order in the webshop. We also encourage you to read the Privacy and Cookies section as this also applies to your use of the webshop. These Terms and Conditions apply to the rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the agreement on distance sales (hereinafter: “Agreement”) between the Buyer and Seller and are considered to be an integral part of such contracts in relation to the conditions and manner of ordering products and services, product and services prices, payment methods, refunds and complaints, delivery etc. related to the use of www.botzbike.com.

The Buyer can only be an adult and a business capable person. The contract in the name and for the account of a minor and a fully business incompetent person may be concluded by their legal representatives or caregivers. For the treatment contrary to this term, the Seller does not bear any responsibility.

Users of www.botzbike.com are obliged to provide accurate, valid and complete personal data when filling in the registration forms as conduct contrary to this authorizes the Seller to deny such user access or realization of all or part of the webshop service on www.botzbike.com.

Customer information provided by the Buyer will not be transferred or sold to third parties.

The services we provide to you through the webshop do not include the costs you incur by using computer equipment and other electronic equipment (electronic devices) and services to access our webshop. ALFA TEH GmbH is not responsible for the cost of the phone, data traffic, or any other costs that may be incurred when ordering or browsing the contents of the webshop and using the services available there. ALFA TEH GmbH is exempted from any liability for damages that may arise on devices that allow access to www.botzbike.com and data stored on the same devices when using www.botzbike.com if the same is caused by the unlawful actions of third parties, computer viruses, etc. and other cases for which ALFA TEH GmbH is not responsible.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ALFA TEH GmbH including its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms & Conditions or the documents they incorporate by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party.

ALFA TEH GmbH completely disclaims any liability for the accuracy and/or completeness of all the information and content contained on the www.botzbike.com. ALFA TEH GmbH retains the right of error in the description and image of the products as all materials, photographs, and text are placed on the website/webshop in good faith.

ALFA TEH GmbH reserves the right to change or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) any products or services it provides, as well as to change the content of the website/webshop without prior approval or notice.

This Privacy Policy is regulated by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany and shall be interpreted accordingly.



A valid version of the Terms and Conditions is always considered the version published on this site. In the event of a dispute, the version in force at the time of the purchase will be applied and with which you, as the Buyer, have expressed your consent at the time of placing the order.

To comply with changes in the law or our business processes, there is a possibility of occasional changes to the Terms and Conditions, of which ALFA TEH GmbH is technically unable to notify every user of, so we recommend that you read this text when reusing the website/webshop to familiarize yourself with possible changes.



By browsing the contents of a webshop, you can freely choose the products and services you want and add to your shopping cart, which is in no way binding. Once you have selected the items you want to buy, you go into the ordering process, where you enter all the information needed to complete the order, confirm your Agreement with the Terms and Conditions and, depending on the payment method selected, make payment. The Agreement between Buyer and Seller is concluded at the moment of the product or service order process is complete, therefore the actions you take and confirm at that point are considered binding. After submitting your order, you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation receipt (hereinafter ‘Confirmation’) at the email address you provided during the order process. The receipt of the order is considered as confirmation of the conclusion of the contract of sale by the Seller. You will also receive a payment receipt from our payment gateway provider as confirmation of your payment.



Prices in the webshop are retail prices. Prices of the products or services and the prices of delivery are expressed in euros (EUR) and include VAT.

The Seller is authorized to change prices without notice. The Seller is also entitled to determine, at any time without prior notice, discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for a particular product, group of products and/or for all products, as well as for a particular payment method.

All items or services ordered are delivered at prices and conditions valid in the webshop on the day of placing the order, regardless of the prices and conditions valid on the day of delivery.



Although product availability is indicated in the webshop, if an error of the inventory tracking happens, a particular product that was shown as available is not actually available. In this very rare and exceptional case, we will notify you in a timely manner through the contact information you provided when placing your order. We will offer you to choose another product instead of the unavailable product, without the obligation to accept such an offer. If you do not accept the offer, ALFA TEH GmbH will give a full refund to you no later than 14 days from the payment date. ALFA TEH GmbH assures you that all products are monitored on a daily basis with utmost care from our team.



Open shop page

Choose product

Choose product variation, quantity and add to cart

In cart, if you have, enter coupon and press the “Update cart” button

Press the “Proceed to checkout” button

On checkout, fill everything into the checkout form (If you didn’t enter a coupon code before, you also could do it here)

Press the “Place order” button to finish and pay your order



Buyer can make the payment with a credit and debit card. ALFA TEH GmbH partners with WSPay solutions (https://www.wspay.eu/) which uses 3D secure payment, both Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by Visa.

Payment can be made by following cards:




Visa Electron





ALFA TEH GmbH reserves the right to periodically carry out sales actions of all or specific items or services in webshop. During sales action (potential) Buyer will be provided with promotion code(s) that can be redeemed during the order placement process.