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Botz Bike MX2-R

The Fastes Kid’s Electric Bike

For our Youngsters

Botz Bike MX1

The Fastes Kid’s Electric Bike

Why Botz Bikes are Good for Kids?

Builds Confidence

Learning to ride an electric bike builds confidence in young riders. With adjustable speed settings and easy-to-use controls, kids can progress at their own pace, gaining skills and confidence as they go.

The sense of independence and achievement that comes from mastering an electric bike is invaluable and fosters a lifelong love for riding.

Safe, Controled Riding

Botz Bike come with a range of safety features to ensure a secure riding experience. From hydraulic disc brakes to speed limiters, these bikes are built with young riders’ safety in mind.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are riding a bike that prioritizes safety and control.

Encourages Exploration

Electric bikes open up a world of possibilities for young adventurers. With the power and versatility of an electric bike, kids can explore new trails, parks, and neighborhoods with ease.

This sense of exploration and discovery nurtures curiosity and a love for nature, encouraging kids to appreciate the world around them.

Promotes Physical Activity

Electric bikes encourage kids to spend more time outdoors and engage in physical activity.

Riding an electric bike helps develop balance, coordination, and motor skills, which are essential for healthy growth and development.

Safety and Innovations

Safety is our top priority at Botz Bikes.

Our electric bikes are equipped with advanced features such as hydraulic disc brakes, smart battery management systems, and customizable speed settings, providing a secure and controlled riding experience.

Our commitment to innovation means that we continuously refine our designs and incorporate the latest technologies to enhance performance and safety.

Botz Bikes_Brakes



Engineered for precise stopping power, these brakes offer reliable performance, ensuring that children’s rides are both thrilling and secure.

Botz Bikes_BMS



BMS or Smart Battery Management System protect battery from overcharging, over-discharging, short circuit, and overheating




Use the BOTZ app on your smartphone or tablet to adjust and monitor all of your bike’s functions and features

Botz Components

At Botz Bikes, we take pride in our engineering and design process.

Our bikes are crafted using lightweight aerograde aluminum frames and CNC-machined components, ensuring durability and performance.

Our team of highly skilled engineers leverages modern CNC technologies and advanced measuring instruments to achieve the highest levels of precision and quality in every bike we produce.

Aerograde Aluminum Frame

Lightweight frame machined from billet alloy aluminum block, extreme quality of all parts that can rarely be seen on kids’ bikes

CNC Machined Aluminum Rims

Single Aluminum Block CNC Machined rims combine durability with lightweight design, ensuring optimal performance and handling for any ride.


Large and comfortable anti-slip footrest. Secure and firm support for maximum driving safety

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

At Botzbike, we take safety seriously, and that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to equip our bikes with the best possible components. With hydraulic disc brakes, kids can ride with confidence and control, while parents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their child is riding with the safest and most reliable braking system available.


Introducing our lightweight and durable bike stem, weighing in at under 130g with titanium bolts. Our bike stem is designed to provide superior strength and stability while reducing overall weight, allowing you to ride longer and harder with less fatigue.

Easy like 1, 2, 3…


Our electric bike is the perfect choice for families who love to spend time in nature, but want to make sure their little ones can keep up.


Easy to ride, it improves motor skills and balance, and features a long-lasting battery. Early learning of riding and motor skills development can have a positive impact on neurological development.


So, whether you’re cruising through the park or exploring new trails, Botz Bikes is the perfect way to enjoy quality time with your family while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Botz on Instagram

We are proud to announce that our official test rider has become the European emx65 champion today. 

With absolute dominance in both races at the MXGP in Loket, he once again proven his brilliance. 

Roko we are so proud to have you! ❤️

@motocrossribnik #loket #motocrossloket #mxchampionship 
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Jaydin: Master of Two Wheels,
Conquering Every Ride with Style.


#Botzbike #Youaresoelectric #balancebike #ebike #electricbike #bmx #kidsmx #Kidsracing  #motocross #mx #enduro #motocrosslife #dirtbike #offroad #mxlife #motorbike #motocrossrider #motocrosslove #bike #gearbox #bike
Fun and focus go hand in hand during intense training days.
That’s why the Botz Bike is here!

How do you kick off your training sessions?

Tag your riding buddy you’d like to ride with!

#Botzbike #Youaresoelectric #balancebike #ebike #electricbike #bmx #kidsmx #Kidsracing  #motocross #mx #enduro #motocrosslife #dirtbike #offroad #mxlife #motorbike #motocrossrider #motocrosslove
This amazing guy, the 2nd place finisher at the World Championship in the Netherlands, did his warm-up on a Botz Bike. 
We’re sure that’s the secret to his incredible result. 

Just kidding, Nico Verhoeven – pure talent ⭐️

#Botzbike #Youaresoelectric #balancebike #ebike #electricbike #bmx #kidsmx #Kidsracing  #motocross #mx #enduro #motocrosslife #dirtbike #offroad #mxlife #motorbike #motocrossrider #motocrosslove #bike #gearbox #bike