Botz MX2-R

Experience the Ultimate Ride

Introducing The Botz Bike MX2-R

Designed for those who seek adventure without limits, the MX2-R combines advanced technology with robust engineering, ensuring a ride like no other.

Whether you’re carving through city streets or conquering rugged trails, the MX2-R is built to dominate.


Superior Engineering

At the heart of the MX2-R lies our Aerograde Aluminum Frame.

Crafted from billet alloy aluminum, this lightweight yet incredibly strong frame provides unmatched durability and agility, allowing you to navigate with precision and confidence.

The CNC Machined Aluminum Rims enhance this experience, offering both strength and reduced weight for optimal performance and handling.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount, which is why the MX2-R is equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

These brakes deliver exceptional stopping power and control, ensuring you can handle any situation with ease.

Coupled with our large and comfortable anti-slip footrest, you have secure and firm support for maximum driving safety.

Intelligent Power Management

The MX2-R features a Long-lasting Battery designed for extended adventures.

With intelligent power management, you can ride further and explore longer without worrying about running out of power.

The battery is not just about endurance; it’s about reliability, ensuring that you have consistent performance throughout your journey.

Four different speed settings


Up to 8 km/h

Perfect for young children or absolute beginners who are just starting to learn how to ride an electric bike. This level ensures a safe and comfortable pace, ideal for developing basic motor skills and confidence in riding.


Up to 12 km/h

Suitable for riders who have gained some experience and are ready to explore a bit more speed. This level offers a balanced mix of excitement and control, making it great for casual rides in the park or neighborhood.


Up to 25 km/h

Designed for skilled riders who are comfortable with higher speeds and want to take on more challenging terrains. This mode provides a thrilling experience while still maintaining safety features, perfect for adventurous youths looking to push their limits.

Beast Mode

Up to 40 km/h

For the most experienced and daring riders who seek the ultimate thrill. This level is geared towards those who are confident in their abilities and want to experience the full potential of their Botz Bike, whether on trails or competitive tracks​

Built for Adventure

The Botz MX2-R is designed to tackle any environment.

Its robust construction and advanced features make it suitable for both urban exploration and off-road adventures.

The bike’s agility and power ensure that no terrain is too challenging, and no journey is too long.

Bold and Dynamic Design

Available in seven nature-inspired, powerful colors, each shade tells a story of natural phenomena, reflecting the raw power and elemental force that our electric bikes embody.


A Yellow Botz MX2-R is a symbol of brightness and brilliance, illuminating the path ahead with the might of nature’s most potent forces.


A Green Botz MX2-R embodies growth, renewal, and the unstoppable force of nature in full bloom.

Royal Blue

Riding a Royal Blue Botz MX2-R feels like navigating through the ocean’s depths or soaring above the clouds, embracing the majesty and might of nature.

Sky Blue

Riding a Sky Blue Botz MX2-R feels like soaring on the wings of the wind, embracing the limitless horizons with the grace and confidence of a bird in flight.


Magenta Botz MX2-R is like harnessing the storm’s raw force, ready to conquer any challenge with unparalleled vigor.


A Purple Botz MX2-R is a symbol of elegance and power, riding with the grace of a setting sun over a serene horizon.


Riding a Black Botz MX2-R is like harnessing the quiet power and elegance of the night, blending into the natural world with an aura of strength and sophistication.

Ready to Ride?

Explore the Botz MX2-R today and choose the color that reflects your spirit.

Let’s ride together, powerful and mighty.